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Decision Grid Part II: New Concepts

Part II follows the identical flow of Part I but with a twist.

Decision Grid, Part I visually demonstrated the process of how recall, memory, thoughts, ideas and stereotypes process within our minds o deliver a decision. 

In Part one, all players are instructed to consider one identical question "What is the meaning of the word __Rose___?

Players are given 5 seconds to jot their answer on Card #1 then turn the #1 card face down and pass the card to their neighbor.

Human beings are a diverse, imaginative bunch.  Depending upon the complexity of the initial question, the chances are great few responses will be the same.

Part two, players receive Card #1 from their immediate neighbor which contains their idea of the meaning of the word Rose.

Card #2 

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What is the meaning of "__New Question_?"

 1. An individual hears, reads, sees or senses the question.



2. The mind conjures up ideas, memories and experiences concerning all existing knowledge of the new word in order to formulate an answer.



3. The mind incorporates this new description, sorts, shuffles, weighs and ultimately decides to formulate a response.

How does the new word relate or apply to the word "rose?"  A new memory forms which includes the new concept now associated with the existing concept of 'rose'.



4. The individual expresses their decision in the form of speech, writing or other form of physical manifestation.



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